Here is a selection of our projects 2015 to present:

  • Second Performance Review (SPR) of the Green Climate Fund
  • Evaluation of the UK’s Climate Finance Accelerator (CFA)
  • Evaluation of the USAID Institutional Strengthening in Pacific Island Countries to Adapt to Climate Change (ISACC) and Climate Ready (USAID Ready)
  • Study on FMO’s (Dutch DFI) role in the off-grid electricity sector: Results achieved and a strategic outlook
  • Ex-post evaluation of the National Cleaner Production Centre in Vietnam (SECO)
  • Energising Resilience: Climate Co-benefits from Clean Energy Projects (EEP Africa)
  • Second interim evaluation of the NAMA Facility (GIZ)
  • Final Evaluation of the EU Delegation’s support for the implementation of the Emissions Trading System in the Republic of Korea
  • Support the revision of the structure and operations of the Green Climate Fund’s independent Technical Advisory Panel (iTAP)
  • Meta-evaluation of Children’s Investment Fund Foundation’s renewable energy  portfolio
  • Evaluation of the World Bank’s Pilot Auction Facility for Methane and Climate Change Mitigation (PAF)
  • Mid-term evaluation of UK BEIS’s Renewable Energy Performance Platform (REPP)
  • Formative evaluation of Global Green Growth Institute’s Thailand Country Program
  • Review of the structure and effectiveness of the independent Technical Advisory Panel (iTAP) of the Green Climate Fund
  • Second formative evaluation of the World Bank’s Partnership for Market Readiness (PMR)
  • Endline evaluation of the WASH Results Programme for UK DFID
  • Final Evaluation of the Ukraine Sustainable Energy Lending Facility funded by the Global Environment Facility, implemented by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
  • Terminal evaluation of the Mitigation Action Plans and Scenarios (MAPS) programme for the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation
  • Mid-term evaluation for the Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMA) Facility for DE GIZ
  • Evaluation of the UK’s Climate Public Private Partnership (CP3) for UK BEIS
  • Evaluation of the Carbon Market Finance Programme for UK DFID
  • Evaluation Quality Assurance reviewer for the UK, currently under Evaluation Quality Assurance and Learning (EQUALS), and previously under Specialist Evaluation and Quality Assurance Services (SEQAS)
  • Formative evaluation of EU’s support for the UNFCCC Technology Mechanism for EU DG CLIMA
  • Supported Romania on developing evaluation and monitoring strategies for their national climate change strategy and action plans on behalf of the World Bank
  • Supported development of implementation plan for monitoring, reporting, and verification (MRV) of renewable energy and energy efficiency in buildings NAMA in Tunisia for DE GIZ
  • Supported Romania regarding the new EU regulations for CO2 emissions for maritime shipping on behalf of The World Bank

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